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About the game

Kids & Adults solve separate truth or dare challenges to settle on a new planet and live happily ever after!

Your family has just landed on a new planet, Meta. You have to settle on it by completing a host of physical and mental challenges, working as a team. Kiddies and Biggies solve different challenges. One to solve most challenges wins. Solve enough challenges as a team to settle on Meta and transform your 'fam'ily to a PowerFam!

"Truth or Dare meets Settlers of Catan meets Twister in a fun family game for 4 to 400 year olds"

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Game contents

A board and a two-sided play mat offer endless play combinations.
About hundred two-sided challenge cards. Different challenges for kids and adults ensure every age is engaged and no one is bored.
All inside a drawstring backpack to easily take the game anywhere.

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Game benefits 

Developed with teachers in Canada, the innovative play-learn format supports development of language, STEM and social-emotional skills in early learners, especially 4 to 6 year olds

PLAY-LEARN: creative thinking, social-emotional skills, language, STEM
MOVE: lots of physical activity
IN & OUT: play at home or in the park
3 GAMES IN 1: holds attention over multiple plays
BOND: quality child and parent bonding, makes great memories!

All-round development of kids and positive child-parent relationships