Powerfam supports children with special needs

Per research “Interactional practice interventions that promote positive social interactions between parents and young children with disabilities by teaching parents how to arrange play in a way that encourages parent-child interaction and facilitates parental responsiveness have been found to improve responsive parenting and increase social interactions among these children.


Further parents have been found to be effective facilitators of the language development of children with disabilities. “In summary, it appears that involving parents is an essential element of early interventions for children with ASD and in some cases may produce stronger positive outcomes than such interventions in which parents are not directly involved.”

PowerFam enables positive child-parent relationships in a playful way. Specifically,


  • Supports Children with Learning Disabilities

o   Keeps things simple

  • Activities in small steps. Children with learning disabilities see or hear one step at a time, instead of a long list of instructions
  • Short activities to match the child’s attention span

o   Biggies demonstrate how to do things

  • Parents or other Biggies show and tell children by performing their ‘Biggie’ plays.


  • Supports Children with Social and Emotional Disabilities

o   Parent or Biggie guidance and support

  • Children play along with parents

o   Supports active play

  • Plenty of ways for children to be physically active, both indoors and outside


Inspired by https://childcare.extension.org

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